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This section contains histories and photos for the various component units that comprised the 17th Airborne Division. Click on a unit below to view the history; on the right side of each page is a link to view photos. Much of this information has been obtained by the Scions of the 17th Airborne from the National Archives in College Park, MD. The units below were components of the 17th Airborne Division during all or part of its existence.


17th Airborne Parachute Maint. Company

139th Airborne Engineer Company

155th Airborne Anti-Aircraft Battalion

193rd Glider Infantry Regiment

194th Glider Infantry Regiment

224th Airborne Medical Company

411th Airborne Quartermaster Company

464th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion

466th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion

507th Parachute Infantry Regiment

513th Parachute Infantry Regiment

517th Airborne Signal Company

680th Glider Field Artillery Battalion

681st Glider Field Artillery Battalion

717th Airborne Ordnance Company

Division Band

Division headquarters (HQ)

Military Police Platoon

Recon Platoon

389th Quartermaster Company (attached)

550th Infantry Airborne Battalion (attached)

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