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224th Airborne Medical Company

The 17th Airborne Division was activated 15 April 1943 at Camp Mackall, North Carolina. The 224th was activated on 15 April under the command of Major James J. Kenny and assigned to the 17th Airborne at that time. After completing basic training, specialist training, and a variety of training maneuvers, the unit left with the Division for England on 16 August, 1944.


When the 224th arrived in England, the company was sent to Camp Chisledon, the 17th Airborne Division staging area. Flight, medical, and tactical training continued and night maneuvers were added to the training schedule. They remained in England until leaving for France in late December.


During service in Europe, whenever a medical unit would be attached to the 17th, they would be ordered to duty with the 224th. Among these were the 419th Medical Collecting Company, Hq and Hq Detached 65th Medical Group, the 623rd Medical Clearing Company, and two Surgical Teams from the 4th and 1st Auxiliary Surgical Groups.


As part of the Division, the 224th supported the other units during the Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central Europe Campaigns. Throughout the Ardennes and Rhineland Campaigns, the 224th provided direct medical support to the 17th Airborne by maintaining clearing stations, collecting points, and evacuation lines. During the Central Europe Campaign, the 224th was to land by parachute and glider on DZs and LZs to the north of Wesel Germany and to establish a clearing station in an area within the 17th’s perimeter of defense. Once the station was established, the 224th collected and treated all casualties within that area. During this operation, the 224th was divided into three echelons: Air, Overland, and Base.


Between 22-30 April the Company had only one platoon in operation. Division casualties were extremely light and most of the time was devoted to treating war prisoners and civilians. During this time, the 224th also conducted a school to teach medical aid to infantry soldiers.


The 224th left Oberhausen on 11 June, 1945 to its new assembly area in Vittel, France. On 1 July, 1945, the CO Major James J. Kenny was transferred to the 82nd Airborne Division and replaced by Major Jerry J. Belden. The 1st Platoon was transferred to the 13th Airborne Division on

5 July, 1945. On 30 August, the Company left Vittel for Marseilles, from where it would depart for the United States. It reached the new location on August 31, 1945. It remained at its new station until its departure for the United States. Roughly a month after returning to the U.S., the 224th was inactivated on 22 October, 1945.

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