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The books listed below contain information pertaining to the 17th Airborne Division, and/or Airborne operations in World War II.


Four Hours of Fury: The Untold Story of World War II's Largest Airborne Invasion and the
Final Push into Nazi Germany

by James M. Fenelon 


ISBN # 978-1501179372

The 17th Airborne Division During Operation Varsity

(English translation of Nitrowski's Die Luftlandung)

by Jos Bex


Geronimo! American Paratroopers in WWII

by William B. Breuer

St. Martin's Press, 1989

ISBN # 0-312-03350-8


Storming Hitler's Rhine

by William B. Breuer

St. Martin's Press, 1985

ISBN # 0-312-76250-X


The Glider Gang

by Milton Dank

J.B. Lippincott Co., 1977

ISBN # 0-397-01161-X



by Gerard M. Devlin

St. Martin's Press, 1979

ISBN # 0-312-59654-5


Silent Wings

by Gerard M. Devlin

St. Martin's Press, 1985

ISBN # 0-312-72460-8


The Making of a Paratrooper

by Kurt Gabel (513th Parachute Infantry Reg., 17th Airborne Div.)

University Press of Kansas, 1990

ISBN # 0-7006-0409-X


Blood on the Talon. 139th Airborne Engineer Battalion, 1943-1945

by Col. Ozzie H. Gorbitz, USAFR Ret.

ISBN # 9780988760707


Granddaddy was Airborne!

by Bart Hagerman (193rd Glider Infantry Reg., 17th Airborne Div.)

Turner Publishing, 1997

ISBN # 1-56311-406-0


Seventeenth Airborne Division

by Bart Hagerman, (193rd Glider Infantry Reg., 17th Airborne Div.)

Turner Publishing, 1987

ISBN # 1563114364


War Stories

by Bart Hagerman (193rd Glider Infantry Reg., 17th Airborne Div.)

Turner Publishing, 1993

ISBN # 1563110970


Victory In Europe, D-Day to VE Day in Full Color

by Max Hastings & George Stevens

Romadata Ltd., 1985

ISBN # 0316813346


Echoes of a Distant Clarion

by John G. Kormann

New Academia Publishing, 2007

ISBN # 978-0-9794488-2-9


Fighting Gliders of World War II

by James E. Mrazek

St. Martin's Press, 1977

ISBN # 0-312-28927


Die Luftlandung

by Johann J. Nitrowski

Schirk Media GmbH


Thunder From Heaven - The story of the 17th Airborne Division - 1943 - 1945

by Donald R. Pay

Originally published in 1946. Reprinted in 2001 by Battery Press Inc.

ISBN # 0898390370


The Sky Men:

A Parachute Rifle Company's Story of the Battle of the Bulge and the Jump Across the Rhine

by Kirk B. Ross

Schiffer Publishing Limited, 2004

ISBN # 0764311727


The Margraten Boys: How a European Village Kept America's Liberators Alive

by Peter Schrijvers

Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

ISBN # 978-0-230-34663-5


A Paratroopers Panoramic View

by Robert L. Wilson & Philip K. Wilson (464th Parachute Field Artillery Batt, 17th Airborne Division) Authouhouse, 2005

ISBN # 1-4208-5429-1


The Last Drop

by Stephen L. Wright

Stackpole Books

ISBN # 081170310X


The Glider Soldiers

by Alan Wood

Spellmount LTD, 1992

ISBN # 0-946771-99-5


History of the Worlds Glider Forces

by Alan Wood

Patrick Stephens LTD, 1990

ISBN # 1852602759


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