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507th Parachute Infantry Regiment Photos

339171 507th Co C

Pvt. Earnest C. Hill of Carlisle, AR, Co. C, 507th PIR, 17th AB Division, mans his outpost overlooking the German lines near the Our River front. 6 Feb 45.

253915 507th 9 Jan 45

Men of 3rd Bn., 507th Regiment, 17th AB Division, march back from the front line of fighting in the severe cold.

335400 507th LaRoach, Belgium

Soldiers of the US First Army greet patrol of the US Third Army in the front line town of La Roche, Belgium on Jan 14th, 1945. They are greeted by men of the 24th Cavalry Reconnaisance Squadron, VII Corps, US First Army. 15 Jan 45.

282408 507 HQ

PFC Charles Baird, Memphis, TN, is framed in a hole blasted in a wall at La Roche, Belgium. He is a member of a patrol of the US Third Army in the front line town of La Roche. He is a member of HQ Company, First Battalion, 507th Regt., 17th Airborne Division, US Third Army, 15 Jan 45.

253917 507th Co C

Pvt. Jose A. Viramon, of Dawson, NM, patrolman of the US 3rd Army, walks through the rubble in the front-line town of La Roche, Belgium, the scene of the first meeting of men from the US Third Army and the US First Army. In order to reach this spot the patrol hiked through 20 miles of snow-covered hills and forests in freezing weather. Private Viramon is with A Company of an infantry regiment of the 17th Airborne Division. Co. C, 1st battalion, 507th Infantry Regiment, US Third Army. 1/15/45

202236 Varsity, 507th, Wesel

Men of the 17th Airborne Division, First Allied Airborne Army, the first unit to land in Germany in one of the greatest airborne invasions of the war, set out in search of the enemy immediately after landing near Wesel, Germany. Their commanding officer was the first to jump. Commanded by Col. Edson Raff.

202654 507th, Varsity, in-tree

Paratrooper hangs from tree in which his parachute caught during his landing in the drop area in the vicinity of Wesel, Germany.

202652 507th Varsity, men with wagon

First photographs of airborne landings, skytroopers ride in horse-drawn wagon in Wesel area, Germany.

253930 507th

"Raff's Ruffians" set out in search of the enemy after their landing in the drop area in the vicinity of Wesel, Germany.

205333 507th, Essen

After five days of front line fighting, three airborne infantrymen of the 17th Airborne Division take a break before going back for a rest on the outskirts of Essen, Germany. L-R: Pvt. William H. Sandy, Charlotteville, VA, Sgt. Dehaven Nowlin, Goshen, KY, and Pvt. Howard Fredricks, Los Angeles, CA.

333007 507th Krupp

The Krupp Mansion was captured by the 507th Parachute Regiment of the 17th Airborne Division, US Ninth Army. Here staff officers confer. Auf Ben Hugel, Germany. 15 Apr 1945.

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