513th Parachute Infantry Regiment Photos

253916 513th Co A 10 Jan 45

Troops of Co. A, 513th PIR, 17th AB Division, walk toward Marche, Belgium, where they fought it out with the Nazis, trapping them in area near Bastogne. 1/10/45

202238 Varsity, 513th, Wesel

Members of the 513th PIR, 17th AB Division, First Allied Airborne Army who have just landed near Wesel, Germany keep a sharp lookout for enemy activity.

202651 513th, Varsity, POWs

German prisoners captured by the 513th PIR are lined up in Wesel area, Germany. These are some of the more than 800 Germans captured by the paratroopers within a few hours after their landing in this area.

380410 513th Munster

Men of the 17th Airborne Division, First Allied Airborne Army, the first unit to land in Germany in one of the greatest airborne invasions of the war, set out in search of the enemy immediately after landing near Wesel, Germany.

254018 513th Munster

American skytroopers wait in foreground for orders to advance on Munster, Germany while British tanks at left roll towards front line German stronghold.

254017 513th Munster

T/Sgt. James G. Smith, Newtown Rd., 1 Tham, PA, and S/Sgt. Frank E. McCann, 246 Willow Ave., Wayne, PA, talk with two British paratroopers who have just been liberated from Germans in Munster, Germany. The two American soldiers are from the 513th PIR, 17th AB Division, fighting with the US Ninth Army.

253995 513th Munster

First troops in Munster--Infantrymen of the 513th PIR, 17th AB Division, fighting with the US Ninth Army, pass through roadblock in the front line city of Munster. They were the first Allied troops to arrive in the city.

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